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The amazing Honda Click 125i

Dubbed the Scooter of the future, we can provide you with the best Scooter available. The Honda Click 125i is our answer to customers who are looking to rent an Environmental friendly Super Sports Scooter with superior specification, unbeatable features and a “futuristic” design.

Island Travel & Koh Tao Scooters

Trust and reliability built up over the last 10 years is what you can expect from the Island’s leading Travel Agency and Scooter hire company. We are located in central Mae Haad 100m from the main ferry pier (opposite Reef Live Sports Bar & Restaurant) and provide quality customer service at the best local prices. Read our FAQ’s to learn more.

Explore! You will love it.

Truly explore the entire island, reach the best viewpoints, beaches or  escape from the crowd

A Powerful Scooter. Say hello to the Honda Click 125i

Innovation at your fingertips

The mountainous and in places steep roads on Koh Tao are no match for this Scooter. The latest  features include increased power output, better fuel efficiency and improved total all-around performance. Here are 6 reasons why the Click 125i is the Scooter of choice to rent when visiting Koh Tao Island

Choose Your Favorite Style

With a range of colours available and designed with an aggressive and sporty look, the Click 125i projects a “slim and sharp” image. Dual keen eyes LED headlights provide a better night-time advantage for the rider with 80% higher light intensity.

This Is One Amazing Scooter

The adoption of a wide range of low-friction technologies and excellent combustion of this engine ensure the Click 125i’s ability to power up any of the roads on Koh Tao is at your fingertips.

Explore! Come and visit us.

Island Travel in partnership with Koh Tao Scooters will ensure your stay is a memorable one

Have a Question?

Below are some commonly asked questions. You can also send us a message at any time, come into the office or call should you need additional information. We always welcome feedback to improve customer service.

Koh Tao Scooters are part of the Island Travel group of companies located in central Mae Haad. Our reputation is built upon more than 10 years of working with the local community, local businesses and international travellers.
In the event of damage to one of our Scooters, we have a set rate for various levels of damage, from light scratches, panel or headlight replacement to major damage repairs. You can ask these questions at the time of rental.

We rent out the newest Honda Click 125i model but in the event of genuine mechanical failure, you are covered against any additional cost above the cost of rental. However, tyre punctures are not covered and you will be expected to pay a set cost to repair this, which may include recovery of the Scooter (within working hours).

We are not in the business of ‘making money’ out of scam charges, we prefer the Scooter to be returned in the same condition as it was rented out in. If you wish to discuss any aspect of this policy, please stop by the office and we can explain it in more detail.

We require Passport Identification for travellers and we need to see a valid driving licence. You have two options after showing us your passport:

1. We can retain the original passport for the duration of the rental

2. A copy of the passport and a 2000Baht cash deposit for the rental duration.

Yes, if you wish to rent one of our bikes with insurance cover we can build that into an enhanced daily / weekly / monthly rate.

Our rates and types of cover are explained below;

1.  200 baht per day. This is our basic contract with no insurance cover, hence you are responsible for all expenses to replace scratched and / or damaged parts. Weekly 1,200 baht / Monthly 4,000 baht.

2.  300 baht per day is our most popular policy and includes scratch insurance cover. You are not responsible for any light or deep scratches on the bike, you are however responsible for broken / twisted / bent or damaged parts on the bike. Weekly 1,800 baht / Monthly 6,000 baht.

3.  400 baht per day, full cover for the bike only. You are not responsible for any broken / scratched / twisted / bent or damaged parts on the bike. Weekly 2,400 baht / Monthly 8,000 baht.

4.  450 baht per day, this includes theft insurance in addition to the cover you get with the above contracts two & three.

Please note the policies above cover the bike ONLY and do not cover any other third party vehicle or property of any description in any event or accident you are involved in.

As a long established business with a good reputation, we are fair and reasonable in our assessment of damage and only wish to cover the cost of repairs at wholesale prices.

We now provide four (4) options:

1. Our basic daily rate is set at 200Baht per day. This does NOT include any cover for light scratches and all scratches will need to be paid for as per our pre/post vehicle inspection.

2. We provide an ‘enhanced rate‘ of 300Baht per day. This covers you against scratch damage on the scooter when returned. This is the recommended option and gives you peace of mind knowing you are covered. It does not cover you against punctures, part replacement and returning a scooter in pieces (major damage).

3. Our third option is 400 baht per day, full cover for the bike only. You are not responsible for any broken / scratched / twisted / bent or damaged parts on the bike.

4. The fourth contract is 450 baht per day, this includes theft insurance in addition to the cover you get with the above contracts two & three.


best Rental Rates

In short, yes you do. We issue all renters a helmet and advise you to wear it. Like in many other parts of the world, accidents do happen, so why take the risk.